Month: September 2021

social media strategy
Want to Improve Your Social Media Content? Listen more.

Do you want to significantly enhance your social media content strategy without necessarily breaking a sweat, or better yet, breaking the bank? Then you should seriously consider utilizing an effective tactic known as social listening. What is social listening? Well, according to a blog on Brand24, social listening is the practice of monitoring public online conversations to access key insights about your brand, your industry, and your competitors. This may…

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guest blogger
Showcase your expertise and see your brand awareness grow

Brand awareness refers to the degree of consumer recognition a brand has. Brand awareness is what helps a business to grow. Your target audience needs to know and trust your brand, that is the only way your brand’s awareness will grow, increasing your customer base and sales. To increase your brand awareness, you need to show your expertise in action; but how do you do that? You can do it…

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content curation
Mastering the art of presentations

Go on, you can do it. Master the art of presentations Ok, you’ve been chosen to make that presentation for the new account pitch. There’s going to be 12 people. How do you feel about it? Or you could be called up to address an audience of 400 people. Nervous? Let’s face it, presentations are an essential part of any PR practitioner’s role. And this includes online presentations too. But…

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content marketing
The spotlight this year is on shorter, meaningful content. Read why.

When trying to advertise your products or services, content marketing is an avenue that you should never overlook. You can’t just hope to reach everyone with your message using conventional and outright outdated tactics, that’s not how it works. Target audience analysis can help you find the market you want to share your message with and the best way to get your message across. Another thing you should pay attention…

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Be a storyteller. It’s a better way to emotionally connect with your audiences.

Everybody loves a good story and the best way to emotionally connect with people is by telling them your story. Being a storyteller creates a tremendous impact with the audiences. This proves to be true even especially when it comes to business. Gerald Zaltman, a Harvard Business School professor, says that 95 percent of our buying decisions take place in our subconscious and they are fueled by emotions. The way…

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