Month: August 2021

Corporate Social Responsibility
How to Pick the Ideal CSR Program For Your Business

The success of companies that have grown on the wings of well-managed CSR programs or strategies is now becoming a trend nowadays. This is an indication of the direction you are supposed to take if you want your business to grow. It may take a while but with the right steps, developing a high-impact CSR Strategy and executing it as required can accelerate your company’s growth. Whether you are a…

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brand management
The Main Responsibilities of a Devote Brand Ambassador

A brand ambassador positively represents your brand and markets it to new potential customers. By doing this, they increase brand awareness and conversions. They embody the brand and provide credibility, trustworthy promotion, and increased brand visibility. 8 main responsibilities of a Brand Ambassador Humanizing your brand The truth is, most TV viewers change channels when an advert comes up. Studies have also shown that 74 percent of millennials and Gen…

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live streaming
Live Streaming Apps – the effective communication tool for PR professionals.

Live streaming emerged only a few years ago, with companies like Periscope, Meerkat, and Facebook Live taking the charge. While the trend quickly caught on, especially among younger audiences, no one actually thought that it would become essential in Public Relations. While Meerkat didn’t last long, other live streaming apps joined the fray including Twitter’s live video and YouTube live. But how can this new technology affect the public relations…

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Crisis Communication and Reputation Management on the Radar Now More Than Ever

Crisis communication and reputation management has become more popular, especially now that people can instantly share negative reviews via their social media accounts. This makes companies and brands more vulnerable. Hence they need to have a solid crisis communication and reputation management strategy to counter any imminent threat to their reputation – whether offline or online. Eighty-four percent of organizations have an emergency crisis communication plan in place, this is…

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