Month: June 2021

Two traits that business leaders must cultivate – Show Empathy and Listen More

The growth and success of any organization are largely due to its leadership. So, it is just right that business leaders must possess certain traits in order to thrive in the industry. An organization or a business can be compared to an army in some ways. The soldiers look up to their General or Commander for inspiration, motivation, direction, and most importantly, leadership – all of which contribute towards winning…

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Social Responsibility: 3 Companies You Should Emulate

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an act performed by a business to not only maximize shareholder value but also impact the society it operates in. When businesses decide to start CSR programs, they not only build trust with their customers but also benefit in terms of productivity and bottom line. As part of their community commitment, many companies around the world are increasingly getting involved in CSR activities in a…

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Corporate social respponsibility
4 Tips for Launching a Sustainable CSR Initiative

Starting a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative has become an integral part of running a successful business. However, many businesses still struggle with running their respective CSR programs effectively. This is primarily because they were in a rush to launch a CSR program in the first place. It is evident that the said initiative was not well-thought-out with no clear objectives and execution plan. A successful CSR initiative needs a…

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content marketing
5 Pro Tips For Creating Content That Goes Viral

Social media has the power to turn clicks into business. Marketers now know this and have learnt how to harness it through creating content and applying simple content marketing strategies. For big companies as well as small businesses, social media is a powerful tool that can boost profits if used well. In social media, content is the key to success. Hence, you must develop a great content marketing strategy in…

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