Month: May 2021

Is the Line Between Public Relations (PR) and Marketing Dissolving?

For years and years, Public Relations (PR) and marketing have been seen as two different business disciplines when in reality they are two sides of the same coin. PR is known for media relations and creating relationships with investors, employees, and journalists. On the other hand, marketing oversees advertising, compiling consumer information, and promotional materials. Lately, these lines have become blurry. Due to the emergence of social media, the lines…

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PR strategy
The emergence of new content platforms is making a positive difference to the PR industry. Here’s why.

While most people see the emergence of content platforms as a threat to the digital marketing and PR industry, the truth is quite the opposite. PR firms and the digital marketing industry as a whole stand to gain a whole lot from these platforms. See how… 1. Casts a wider net With the volume of content platforms growing all the time, businesses have better choices and a wider market that…

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PR’s Mission-critical Role in Business Communications

There is no doubt that businesses are built from the core. Be it new product development or customer servicing. Add to it a dash of market analysis, data-driven insights along with marketing and communications and voila! We have a full-fledged and functional organization here. The truth is marketing can’t live on its own. Clearly, in an age of information overload, that’s only a click away, today’s communication problems are complex.…

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public relations
Ever wondered why some PR campaigns fail to deliver?

Agencies have their ups and downs and there are times when PR campaigns miss the mark. But we should approach every failed attempt as an experience to move on. For more reasons than one, it could be the improper delegation of responsibilities, missed opportunities, tight budgets, or overwhelming client expectations. The bottom-line being, don’t simply write them off as failed attempts but rather turn them into lessons learned for future…

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