Month: April 2021

5 Amazing Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become a must-have for many businesses and organizations across the globe. And rightly so, CSR has helped many companies develop and cultivate meaningful customer and stakeholder relationships. These relationships have, in turn, benefited both the organizations and stakeholders. For companies, they have been able to boost loyalty among their target audience while stakeholders continue to reap big from the CSR activities. In a nutshell, Corporate…

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How Influencer Marketing Can Help Build Your Brand

When used as a marketing tool, social media and influencer marketing can be a powerful tool. With posts being shared every second, the interaction is vibrant and can be leveraged to build brands. Social media influencers have taken up the role of public relations executives in today medial. Well, almost. Through influencer marketing, they have been able to build brands from scratch as well as maintaining the momentum for brands…

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Search engine optimization
Looking to optimize your SEO performance? Consider these 8 factors

Search engine optimization (SEO) is arguably the single most effective way of optimizing your web pages and most importantly, your content in such a way they become easily discoverable by users. If by now you have not optimized your website for search then you are missing out on a huge opportunity to grow your web traffic, enhance your lead generation, and subsequently grow your bottom line. Look at it this…

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What is Content Strategy
Is Content Marketing a game-changer for the PR industry?

Among the many corporate lessons that the pandemic has taught us, one straightforward takeaway is that if you aren’t online, you do not exist! While the biggest of brands amped up their digital game and content marketing to lure consumers, even the smallest of businesses also vied for digital space to make themselves a part of the new digital consumerism wave. Digital behavior amongst consumers has experienced a sea change.…

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3 Ways to Promote Your CSR Program

Are you having a hard time developing and promoting your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program? How do you improve it? Perhaps you want to increase the profile of your CSR activities? If you said yes to the above questions, then read on. Don’t be afraid of telling everyone about your CSR program, whether it’s ongoing or you are still in the process of developing it. Why? People care about social…

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