Month: March 2021

PR gets smarter
More for less – PR gets smarter in lean times!

The ongoing pandemic just hasn’t changed lifestyles but has had a dominating impact on the economy and consumer behavior too. As brands are pondering over marketing messages and altered segments; the communication business is also undergoing a colossal shift. The good news is that this isn’t the first time that the PR industry has had to face challenging scenarios and has gathered steam to become a critically integral part of…

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self love
Love thyself, invest in YOU

We live in times where it isn’t just normal but essential to spend time, energy, and love thyself to become the best version of yourself. A volatile economy, changes in lifestyle, unsteady career graphs, and the uncertainties that loom large are beckoning you to pause, shift focus, and put the spotlight on YOU. Practicing self-love can come across as being selfish bit it is in fact recommended by professionals as…

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Is Google the ultimate search engine?

Without trying to endorse it, netizens all over the world have embraced the Google Search Engine as part of their World Wide Web routine. It is not just the most preferred way of looking for information but Google’s sheer dominance is daunting with over 90% of search relayed through it. So what is it that makes it so popular? Reliability, search success, security…? Well, many other names would like to…

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Need To Improve Your CSR Program? Here Are the Best Practices

Having a CSR program for your company is not only noble but also a blessing in disguise. With proper planning and engagement of your employees and customers, it will not only make your business a people’s favorite, but you will also experience an increase in productivity and profits. Therefore, if you are new to this idea of corporate social responsibility or maybe you already have one already set up, but…

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