Month: February 2021

A Happy Workplace = A Happy Workforce

Workplaces are an integral part of everyone’s career journey. Even as the pandemic hit and work-from-home became a norm, changing the dynamics of work culture at best shifted from going to the office to your living room at home.  However, organizations need to stay focused on employee wellbeing. After all, a happy workplace translates to happy workforce. Clinically, it has been proven that undue stress and negativity at the workplace…

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Media Training Tips

Ever come across an interview on TV where the interviewee looked confused? Chances are that he or she didn’t go through any media training to help them confidently conduct media interviews. While having an effective interview requires some level of expertise, media interview experience is gained over time. So, unless you have some level of experience, you are most likely going to encounter some uncomfortable moments when doing interviews. It…

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influencer marketing
Working With Influencers Is Not Easy: This Is Why You Need An Agency

Influencer marketing continues to be a growing industry. Working with influencers will surely boost your brand. Eighty-two percent of buyers tend to follow the recommendations of an influencer as they consider them knowledgeable, credible, and better at explaining products. However, in an age when influencer marketing is outdoing brand content, 61 percent of marketers have problems identifying the right influencers for their brands. They don’t know how to get the…

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How to Manage Your CSR Strategy Successfully

CSR Strategy as part of your business plan… Do you have a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program for your business? Are you planning to initiate one any time soon? Either way, you need to make sure, you have come up with a CSR strategy that works. Not only that, ensure that it is successful in terms of adding value to your bottom line as well as the community you want…

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