Month: November 2020

online reputation management
Social Media Marketers’ Guide To Online Reputation Management

When prospective customers search for you online, what do they find? If you don’t control your online reputation and brand image online, someone else will. Indeed, someone can easily post a negative comment, post a video, or damage your reputation. Worse, 91 percent of consumers aged 18-34 tend to trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Ninety-three percent are influenced by online reviews when making purchasing decisions! Online reputation is…

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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire An Agency As Part Of Your Crisis Management

It so happens that every now and then, companies tend to face a crisis. It could be a bad review, a product recall that went wrong, a scandal, etc. If not handled correctly, these situations can affect the company’s brand negatively. Even influence the bottom-line of the company. So, the question is, do you have a crisis management plan or strategy in place? A crisis can hurt your competitiveness and…

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Leaders vs. Managers: Which one are you?

The difference between a leader and a manager, Abraham Zaleznik wrote in a 1977 article centered on organizational structure and processes, is in the mental conceptions that these individuals hold deep inside. It’s how they each show up at work. At the time of his article, organizational development focused on building competence, control, and the appropriate balance of power. Zaleznik argued that this point of view omits the essential element…

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Why Engaging Your Employees in Your CSR Program Is Super Important

Did you know that planning to incorporate a CSR program in your business without involving your employees might just be a terrible mistake? Without the involvement and the goodwill of your employees, your plan to promote your CSR program might not have the desired impact. You will soon find out! By involving your employees from the beginning you will have their ‘buy-in’ from the outset and hence make it easier…

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