Month: September 2020

A 6-Step Guide to Developing a High-Impact CSR Strategy

The popularity of corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs in recent years have led to many businesses or companies to hurriedly set up their CSR strategy and initiatives in a bid to keep up with the trend. The downside to this kind of knee-jerk reaction is that, most of these companies end up with CSR programs that are not aligned to their overall business goal. Not only that, they also run…

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live events
The Show Must Go On. Virtual Experiences – The Sensible Alternative to Live Events

Thanks to the dreadful Coronavirus pandemic; Virtual experiences is now an instant hit. Social distancing, and remote working have become the new normal with more companies now adopting a mix and match working policy. No one thought much about social distancing until the global health crisis came knocking, and boy has it left its mark. It started happening all over, and it has most likely hit your business hard. What’s…

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brand management
7 Benefits Of Having A Strong Internal Brand

7 Benefits Of Having A Strong Internal Brand It doesn’t matter whether you are a fortune 500 company or a start-up if you and your employees don’t believe in your brand, why should anyone else? Building a strong Internal brand requires employees to understand, advocate for, support, live, and guard your brand. The starting point is to continuously educate your employees so that they know exactly what you are selling…

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fashion and pr
Fashion and PR – When you look good you feel good

So, fashion keeps rolling on… Being the fashion capital of the Middle East, the UAE, and Dubai in particular, has many expectations to fulfill. Considering the fashion flagship in terms of creativity, trending, and brand value, the fashion industry in the UAE is building up another head of steam. This, in turn, is building customer confidence. It may appear that people are reluctant to upgrade their wardrobes or perhaps they…

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