Month: August 2020

new normal
Breaking Through After the Breakdown – The Road to Recovery for Small Businesses

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, lockdowns and other restrictions have not favored businesses. Small businesses in particular were at the receiving end of the restrictions. The National Federation for Independent Businesses shows that as of March 30, ninety-two percent of small businesses had suffered negatively as a result of the pandemic. Small businesses now face the challenge of clawing their way back to normal or creating a new normal altogether.…

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Is Your Business Good To Go After The Lockdown? How about a ‘Mix N Match’ Working Policy?

As a business owner, you are most probably staring at the challenges of re-opening your business after the lockdown. Or you might be considering modifying your working policy to blend with the new normal. There seems to be a general sense of uncertainty and caution as people feel that life will never be the same again. That, however, should not be a reason for despair or giving up. It is…

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As COVID-19 still lurks in the corners, maintaining good mental health becomes everyone’s business.

As the world starts opening up again, mental health and general well-being will be at the forefront of every company’s agenda, from both the owners’ and employees’ viewpoints. Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to pay cuts, redundancies, and in some cases closures. Forty-five percent of adults in the US have reported that their mental condition has been negatively affected due to worry and stress. It is not surprising that…

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The Road to recovery: A guide to getting back to business after a crisis

Reviving your business, especially after a crisis, presents a great opportunity to ‘reinvent’ it. Some businesses see it as a chance to change their strategies, streamline their operations, and come back stronger than before. This is a time to reflect,  study the new market environment, identify emerging needs and opportunities, and then develop a solid, need-oriented strategy that will set you up on the path to recovery. While 40 percent…

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