Month: May 2020

social distancing
Turning on the Business Reset Button. Are We Ready for Life in the New Normal?

Is your business ready to adapt to the new normal? What strategies have you put in place to meet the demands of the future? The coronavirus pandemic has forced most businesses to rethink operations to stay afloat. Those that want to succeed must be willing to change conventional approaches. The new normal means that employees will have to use face masks and other protective gear. Companies will also have to…

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Protecting the vulnerable. How can MSMEs weather the storm?

Just when start-ups and the MSMEs had begun to show signs of accelerated growth, the pandemic struck. Small industries are particularly vulnerable; be it because of their size, limited finances or scale of operations, and even manpower; an unexpected and forced standstill is difficult to cope with. Given that there is no recovery in sight, some measures can definitely be undertaken to repair damage and avoid further losses as much…

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Train to Gain – Learning new skills during the lockdown

Speaking with friends and associates, the current situation is starting to get monotonous.  They’ve expressed that the charm of working from home is now wearing out. This is understandable. We are beginning to miss out on the time spent with friends or the micro-interactions with colleagues. And we miss just being around people in general. But you know, life goes on. One way to maximize your time now is by…

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How to strengthen your brand’s immunity in a lockdown

Today, all entrepreneurs and corporate executives have learned one crucial lesson. The importance of crisis planning! With a crisis plan in place, you will be in a better position to answer two key questions: Is your brand strong enough to withstand the highs and lows of market fluctuations? Can you increase your brand’s immunity at a time like this? You see, robust brands are built on firm values. However, they…

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