Month: April 2020

Mind over profits. Making your staff’s mental health a priority

These are unprecedented times, where the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted each aspect of our lives. While we have survived contagions like SARS, MERS, etc., the sheer havoc wrecked by the rapid global spread of Covid-19 has been unmatched. In an attempt to minimize the spread of infections, governments worldwide had to resort to drastic measures to slow the rate of infections. These include lockdowns, self-isolation, social distancing, and strict hygiene…

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How to prepare for a video conference at home

A step by step guide on perfecting your video conference from home. How to prepare for a Video Conference at home Are you ready for your first video conference at home?  Here are some tips on preparing so that your first try goes as smoothly as possible. Hardwired connection vs. WiFi A hardwired connection helps to avoid a poor or inconsistent connection and ensures good quality. Choose a quiet space…

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Is your business ready for the shift in consumer behavior post COVID-19?

  There is no doubt that COVID-19 has changed the way businesses are working today. Call it the need of the hour or desperate measures, but that’s how companies survive turbulent economic conditions. Almost every industry is re-setting their business models. It also includes services, offerings, and interaction with consumers. Today, it has become even more important to rethink your strategy based on the rapidly evolving consumer behavior. As the…

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Distilling the DNA of Social Media Sharing

Content sharing has by far been the most talked about topics in coffee shops since the World Wide Web entered our lives. The subject has been further leveraged by today’s robust Social Media platforms. What unites us is our nature to tell, be liked, and share information far and wide. So, what is it that motivates people to do so? Let’s take a closer look! ‘Sharing’ comes naturally to us…

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Effective use of Influencer Marketing during COVID-19

A crisis calls for a new way of thinking. Now is the time to find new solutions to manage the way we work. While COVID-19 may have brought a setback to most businesses, influencer marketing provides a silver lining with new opportunities and different ways of communication. It is, therefore, important for brands and businesses to find ways to keep their products and services alive in the minds of the…

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5 Ways Marketing Can Prepare for Life After COVID-19

  Marketing and sales departments are best placed to prepare for life after COVID-19. Most brands and companies are currently in survival mode as expected but they could wisely use this time to prepare for the future. We had previously shared, 5 ways to stay ahead during a pandemic and this is a follow up to that. Here are 5 simple ways to do that. 1.Evaluate & Audit BE A…

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Importance of influencer marketing to develop effective content during a pandemic

It is no news that the world is changing amidst the backdrop of COVID-19. With that, marketers and communication experts are finding it even harder to find innovative ways to engage their audience. In times like these, resiliency can make a huge impact on businesses. Every brand and business alike should learn the importance of influencer marketing. With countries going under lockdown, there has also been an increase in digital…

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Influencer marketing
COVID-19 Influences Influencer Marketing

COVID-19 Influences Influencer Marketing Does it surprise you that Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp usage have increased by over 40% during the pandemic period? Usage patterns indicate that the highest growth has been in the 18-34 years’ age group across all social media platforms. Despite these numbers, there have been contrasting effects on influencer marketing campaigns. While many brands have upped the ante and are channeling more budgets into influencer marketing,…

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We’re supporting local businesses with FREE services during COVID-19

Do you know of any SME with a great story to tell about their services to the community during the pandemic? Don’t keep it a secret. Tell us about it. Who knows, they could get free services during COVID-19. Matrix PR would love to reward them with FREE Public Relations services. This is because small businesses might lack the resources to pay for these services, especially right now. We want…

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