Month: January 2020

brand management
Do your employees understand your brand vision?

Brand management entails communicating the values, personality and of course the brand vision of your company. It not only involves engaging with clients but with employees too. It is important that your employees take ownership of their brand and understand how their roles and responsibilities can add value to the brand. Frankly speaking, your employees can be useful brand ambassadors. If employees understand and ‘live’ the brand it is more…

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How Sociable Is Your Brand?

Competition keeps intensifying with each passing day. It neither discriminates the industry you operate in nor the size of your business. Therefore, the only way to survive is by becoming a strong and agile brand in your industry. The first step towards strengthening your brand is making it as sociable as possible. Digital marketing is increasingly becoming a key differentiator on which organizations lean on not only to compete but stay…

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Content Creation
Content Creation and SEO: Why These Two Are A Must For Your Business

\ Great content and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can keep your website at the top of the search rankings. Your SEO strategy begins and ends with quality content creation. It means writing content that appeals to your audience and optimizing it for search engines. Your business will thrive if your writing appeals to your targeted consumer and helps them solve their problem. What is content creation? Content creation involves generating…

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stress management
Managing stress at work – make it your priority

Anyone who has been in the corporate sector for long knows that work-related stress is for real. If anything, it is only growing in magnitude and numbers. Right from the pressure to meet tight deadlines, interpersonal conflicts through to dysfunctional management and unreasonable workloads, the causes are aplenty! Unfortunately, work-related stress has its tentacles stretched to engulf physical health issues ranging from casual illnesses to the more serious kinds like…

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