Month: August 2019

Social Media
Why Social Media Marketers Need Online Reputation Management

Why Social Media Marketers Need Online Reputation Management Online Reputation Management enables you to monitor information shared online. Once people interact extensively with your brand, they tend to seek more and more information about you and your brand.  Not only that, it can also help you prevent or be able to identify any emerging negative online reputation issues. The process of online reputation mainly involves responding to clients in a…

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media interview
How To Prepare For A Media Interview

How To Prepare For A Media Interview As an executive, doing a media interview on behalf of your company can positively or negatively affect your company. Media interviews are earned media for your company. These are generally free publicity opportunities. Therefore, they need to be conducted in a manner that paints a favorable picture of your organization. Also, such interviews are good opportunity for an organization to engage with its…

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7 Personal Branding Tips That Will Get You Noticed

In order to establish yourself in the market, it is important that you brand yourself. Personal branding involves identifying your professional skills and personality then creating a name for yourself based on these. Unlike popular belief, branding is not only important for organizations and businesses but is also essential for individuals. However, how you brand yourself defines how people view you not just as an individual but as a professional.…

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