Month: June 2019

How To Conduct Media Training For Top Executives

Media Training For Top Executives An important training program, every Learning & Development manager is adding to their must-have list of trainings for the top management is media training. Media training is vital and necessary for anyone with the responsibility of addressing the press. Facing a multitude of people with flashing cameras can be intimidating and may even leave one disoriented. But with the right tools and information, you will be…

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press release
Just How Long Should A Press Release Be?

Just How Long Should A Press Release Be? This question is being asked quite often and, therefore, we too shall attempt to answer it and hopefully put this matter to rest once and for all. There’s no doubt that a press release, even though it has been used as a communication tool for a long time, is still relevant and effective even in today’s business environment.  This strategy has been continuously used to promote…

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Brand Storytelling Done Right

Brand Storytelling Done Right PR mavericks are constantly crafting new ideas and pondering over how best to energize content to optimize audience engagement. Whilst, it is an attempt to elevate the brand impression, establish recall and connect to your target groups; it is simply not a technique or method that can be grasped in one sitting. The art of  brand storytelling requires creativity, vision, skill and of course practice.   If this…

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The Art of Persuasion

The Art of Persuasion Persuasion skills are both important as well as useful for professionals in all industries. Your ability to influence people not only portrays your personality as a competent negotiator but also helps clients understand how your product can benefit their business. Though methods used in persuasion are versatile, there are certain key aspects that can help assist any professional to upgrade their skill set. Gather information In…

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