Month: May 2019

media training do's and don'ts
Media Training: Do’s and Don’ts

Media Training: Do’s and Don’ts In-house training offers employees the opportunity to improve on skills relevant to their expertise. Depending on how it is conducted, it can easily be a thorn in the flesh or something that employees look forward to. So, what can you do as the PR or Learning & Development department to ensure your colleagues find your sessions interesting and informative? Especially, when those colleagues are your…

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how to create press release
What Do Editors Look for in a Press Release?

What Do Editors Look for in a Press Release? The highly competitive business environment calls for organizations to engage in aggressive marketing including press release. This entails using all the tools at your disposal, including the press release. No wonder, press releases are still relevant today. This marketing communication tool can be an effective technique for your firm to boost sales. However, press releases have to be reviewed by an…

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publc relations
B2B PR – Eliminating obstacles and boosting impact

B2B PR – Eliminating obstacles and boosting the impact Unlike the usual PR campaigns that involve direct touch-points with target audiences, B2B PR campaigns are a lot more comprehensive, indirect and demand a strategized mix of integrated PR practices. Our experience says that it’s a tight wire walk of varied interests and business needs. To know what suits best and boosts brand visibility in B2B, read on… Staying Ahead of the Competition… …

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Public Relation
Experiential PR

Takers for Experiential PR anyone? In a tech-advanced and continuously evolving business scenario, where consumers are demanding and willing to lap-up every bit of novelty that brands can offer, Experiential PR, simply put is the next step in storytelling that affords the target audience to experience the brand promise. So when marketers are busy defining strategies to woo their audiences; PR practitioners (with their communications arsenal) are raring to go the…

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Metrics or Impact – What is it for PR?

  Companies have always invested in PR to create credibility for their brand. A concern that brands share has been the intangibility when it comes to measuring the impact of a campaign on its sales or bottom line. Circulation figures, advertising values, and formulated metrics definitely quantify the efforts. However, how do you measure consumer engagement and brand awareness- Got us thinking! Now that we’re in an age of digitally…

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