Month: March 2019

enhance your online reputation
How a Press Release Can Enhance Your Online Reputation

  To many modern businesses, a press release may sound like an outdated marketing tool. Many may wonder if press releases are still relevant? Rest assured, this marketing communication tool is still relevant in today’s online marketing platform. A press release is an official statement issued to a media platform to inform the public concerning a wide range of issues. The shift towards online marketing strategies such as blogging, social media marketing, and…

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5 Tools for Enhancing Instagram Stories

  2019 will see the rise of Facebook and Instagram stories. Indeed, Instagram stories are evolving at a path-breaking rate with every new post, striving to be more creative while engaging and interacting with the audience to elicit a response. We have come up with 5 apps and tools to enhance your brands Instagram stories. 1. Hype Text A simple way to making your stories more story-like is by adding…

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5 Things Not To Expect From A Press Release

  Are you about to launch a PR campaign but are worried about press release distribution mainly because you don’t know what to expect? If YES, then you might want to read on. There have been never-ending misconceptions about what a press release can and cannot do. There are so many press release myths, it’s unbelievable! One could be even inclined to ask, are press releases still relevant? Each press release…

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Timely Action for Time Management

‘I’ve enough time on hand’, said no one; not even the most successful personalities around. So now is the timely action for time management. We all have just 24 hours a day to manage our deadlines but there are some organized few who not just accomplish their pre-planned schedules on time but also enjoy high productivity levels. Here are a few cues we should be taking from them: Don’t treat…

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