Month: February 2019

Entrepreneur’s Dream of an Empowered Team

Tips on How to Empower Your Team While we take some time out to celebrate Employees Appreciation Day, we consider some of the ways an entrepreneur empowers his or her team. Entrepreneurs cater to offbeat innovations in various fields and one thing that starkly comes across is that it means a lot to be an entrepreneur. Right from bringing to fruition his ideas in mind, mapping target audiences, studying markets to keeping a…

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Improve your online reputation with these 20 quick tips

Improve your online reputation with these tips Have you fallen victim to negative reviews, comments or customer feedback? Well, you are not alone. As a matter of fact, there are thousands of brands and businesses out there that have, at one point or another, been on the receiving end of unflattering social media comments. Moreover, the unprecedented growth of social media has left brands and businesses vulnerable to all sorts…

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Digital Trends – Reshaping PR

Demographics, Consumerism, Technology – there is no end to the ways digital trends are dramatically reshaping the PR and media space. The past few years have led the way to prove that digital existence isn’t just a choice, it’s now crucial!   Have you ever wondered how drastically it has changed? From sifting through newspapers to reading those on tabs and mobiles, targeted content on smartphones, live streaming of videos…

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Want to boost your social media engagement? Try Emojis

  Thanks to social media, customers can now reach companies and brands they want to engage with. This has given social media managers a golden opportunity to position their brands exactly where they want to be and of course, where the people are. We all know that good content is essential for a social media campaign, but engagement is even more important.  With over 1.82 million social media users worldwide, social media…

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