Month: January 2019

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Tools to manage social media for small businesses

More and more small businesses are using social media to engage and stay relevant to their audience. However, managing social media platforms can be a daunting task especially for small businesses.  Many of these small businesses find it stressful to keep up with the social media world especially through numerous platforms they are present in. Most of them don’t have a dedicated social media team to execute the process. Therefore, for small…

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5 PR and Social Media Trends for 2019

  Everybody knows that the Golden Goose is priceless but nobody predicted that a simple egg would be worth more than 50 million likes on social media. Buckle up, 2019 is likely to throw some Easter eggs to marketing professionals and we have to be ready. The brands that will do well in 2019 are the ones who have built a solid strategy in 2018 and continue to build on it…

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The art of creating effective content; Spinning words into gold

  Writers have the responsibility of transforming bullet points and shortly phrased ideas into seamless and meaningful paragraphs. Balancing a tight rope with the client’s expectation on one end and the media’s information needs on the other; it sure is a challenging job to do without offending either of the two. Having said that, today’s changing scenario demands a perspective that goes beyond content and media. With excellent writing skills being…

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Aligning PR Goals with Business Goals

Aligning PR Goals with Business Goals   Just like all industry laterals, Public Relations has traveled a long way and evolved into becoming more of a strategic business partner than just a complementing force to drive brand stories.   Aligning your PR goals with business goals PR isn’t just a service. It’s a creative process that presents brand stories in a different light. It’s more of a management function that…

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In 2019, Artificial Intelligence to move forward in PR

  So, Alexa has happened and the apps giving answers, not just search results is becoming a near-future reality. Does that mean robots and emerging AI technologies are going to take over the world? Even when it seems most certainly not, we’re wondering about its likely effects and impact on the world of PR in 2019. First thing that comes to mind is, will it make our jobs obsolete? Keeping…

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