Month: November 2018

Top 5 ORM best practices for brands and businesses

How others see you, your brand and your company when they look for you online forms the very basis of your online reputation. If a customer, or anyone for that matter, writes something negative about your brand online, it can put you or the brand at a disadvantage. Nowadays, most purchase decisions are made after a customer has ‘consulted’ with a search engine, notably Google.  In turn, the information they gather…

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Tips for businesses looking to engage an influencer

Influencer marketing is increasingly being used to connect brands with customers. The influx of marketing dollars towards influencer marketing is as a result of businesses seeking out new and effective distribution methods to reach targeted audiences. Customers are increasingly becoming blind to billboards and deaf to commercials. Marketers have since come to realize that the best way to gain customer trust is by aligning with somebody they already trust. Of course,…

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Social media manager’s must-have apps

Social media management is probably one of the most demanding jobs out there. This can be attributed to how active the social media world is and it continues to grow.  To make the job easier, social media manager’s must-have apps should be availed. There is a lot going on in the social networks that most managers end up struggling to execute their duties effectively. Obviously, this depends on the number…

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Why and How to Encourage Your Team to Contribute to Your Blog

Why Team Involvement is Essential to Your Blog For many small businesses, the responsibility for the company blog is often left up to one individual.   For that person, regularly creating valuable content for the company blog can feel like a constant struggle.  It can be overwhelming for a sole content creator considering the amount of time and effort you have to invest. So it’s best to encourage your team to…

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