Month: September 2018

Flipboard vs Feedly

Comparing Flipboard vs Feedly As a social media manager, one of the most important things in your day is keeping up with the social media trends and news. Manually scouring the web blindly hoping to stumble upon good quality content can be a daunting task even for the seasoned manager. As if that’s not enough of a challenge, being able to neatly organize content or web pages safely for reference is…

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How small businesses can use social media as a sales tool?

  Is it possible for small businesses to close more sales using social media? Definitely so once you reach out to your leads using a solid strategy. Through consistent use of social media, you can turn relationships into revenue. According to a survey by Adweek Magazine, 70% of respondents were planning to increase social media advertising, and the media intelligence company also states that 66 percent agreed that social media…

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