Month: August 2018

4 Reasons Why Responding To Customer Feedback & Online Reviews Is Important

  The internet has become the sphere of many businesses and brands today. Gone are the days when you have to interact with your customers face-to-face to achieve results.  In fact, the use of courier to deliver customer feedback or review are now unnecessary because of the advancement of technology. You can reach out to your customers as they can interact with you as well in a snap. Good or…

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Influencer marketing is the new Content King. Find out why.

Many marketers have been shifting their marketing focus towards influencer marketing by allocating bigger budgets to this tactic. This is probably because influencer marketing has continued to prove how effective it can be especially now that more consumers are basing their decision to purchase products on reviews by peers and those they respect. Influence marketing has been termed as the next big thing in advertising. The rise of the social…

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