Month: June 2018

Tips on how to become an influencer

Tips on how to become an influencer Who is an influencer? An influencer can be defined as a person whose opinion about something is highly considered as an endorsement by other people. An influencer is basically someone who is in-the-know – a well-connected person who is highly sought after for their advice, direction, and knowledge. An influencer can either be a person or a brand as long as it can…

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Easy tips to kick start your social media campaign

Social media campaigns are an effective means to reach out to a wider audience with the aim of building your tribe and encouraging engagement within your community. If you are new to managing a social media campaign you might be filled with uncertainty and worry.  Don’t despair, while it might take some trial and error at the outset, social media campaigns need not be a nightmare for businesses. On the contrary,…

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The Future of Public Relations

Look anywhere in the news these days and you’ll read about the latest updates in Artificial Intelligence and Smart Technology. Question is, is this a threat to the future of public relations? Although, this emerging technology is scary for some people, as communications professionals, it’s important to consider the future of communicating and how we must adapt  to change. VR headsets, open source gaming, QR advertising and messenger marketing are…

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7 Gmail plugins that will improve your email communication & boost productivity in 2018

Did you know when was the first email sent? 1971 – Yes, that’s right, 1971! Since then, this all-important communication tool has become part and parcel of our everyday lives. Today, 4.3 billion global email users are sending over 200 billion emails every day. Whether personal communication or official, email makes it a lot easier and convenient to communicate, stay in touch and collaborate with colleagues, clients, and family. However,…

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