Month: April 2018

Learn a new skill in 2018 – try an online course

As a communications expert, marketer, or social media executive, there is always room to improve or enhance your skill set; something that will complement your career and subsequently enable you to perform more efficiently. We like to call these, career boosters. Also, one of the advantages of learning something new is that, it not only increases your chances of getting promoted but it also shows the kind of value you…

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5 Social Media Trends in 2018

The social media landscape is changing around us and it does so at a faster pace now than ever before. The social media trends that usually lasted months now only last for a few days before being replaced by another. Here are the 5 important trends that are impacting social media in 2018. Live Streaming Live videos gained popularity in 2016 and have grown steadily over 2017 and will continue…

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Use content to grow your social media community

Brands and businesses are now doubling their marketing efforts towards boosting their social media fan base. In fact, social media community engagement has become one of the most sought-after targets among most social media managers and marketers alike. Savvy social media marketers realize that vanity metrics like the number of Facebook Likes, Twitter, and Instagram followers is not the best way of measuring the success of your social media campaigns. Sadly,…

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How to respond when your online reputation is attacked

People are going to complain! It should not come as a surprise whenever someone complains about your business, brand or service. But how you respond when your online reputation is attacked makes a difference. Some people are naturally never satisfied and are always looking for an opportunity to attract attention. With the internet now having an enormous impact on how people interact with each other and how they look for and…

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