Month: March 2018

Top 5 time-wasters on Social Media

In previous articles, we have highlighted tips for better social media management and how to avoid social media mistakes. Even as social media managers continue to grapple with challenging and time-consuming tasks that come with social media management, saving time in the process can be rewarding. Unfortunately, there are plenty of ways that your time is wasted and most of the time you are not actually aware of it – well,…

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Why influencer marketing is good for your brand

These are exciting times for many marketers. Social media has now exposed marketers to new and effective ways to connect with customers. In fact, more companies are now inflating their budget allocation towards social media and especially influencer marketing. Confidence in influencer marketing is at an all time high. With 47% of marketers now considering the strategy as “very effective”, this is a clear indication that it has become a favorite…

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5 Common Crisis Communication Mistakes

A crisis can occur anytime without a warning. Companies that successfully ride out the storm are usually the ones who have prepared for various scenarios and have their ducks in a row when a crisis hits them. Moreover, a crisis can be anything from a negative review that goes viral, the death of an employee, change in management or lawsuits among thousands of other possibilities. We have listed down the…

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How to assess your Online Reputation

The business environment is evolving and it is getting more challenging than ever before. The fact that the internet is the most important means of communication today is indisputable. For your brand to thrive successfully,  you need to assess your online reputation regularly. Gone are the days when you have to do a lot of legwork to be able to know more about a person, brand or company. Companies and…

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Do’s and Don’ts of Content Curation

Do’s and Don’ts of Content Curation Creating enough content for daily posting on your social channels is an uphill task even for the seasoned content creator. Producing good content requires time and effort, something most marketers and social media managers struggle with from time to time. This is mainly because most of them are busy with other tasks, hence making it hard for them to consistently produce quality work. Quite…

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