Month: February 2018

Do small businesses need Social Media Marketing?

When you run a start-up business, you might assume that online marketing is only for giant companies or those who are already well established.  You might reason that you need to concentrate on short-term goals to maximize profitability. Here are some reasons why this would be the wrong approach. What Social Media has to offer? Social Media Marketing has grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade.  It has become…

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Words of Encouragement
5 Media Training Tips for Company Spokespersons

Company spokespersons ever so often accept media interviews because they feel that they best know their company, finances and the industry. However, lack of preparation, practice and familiarization can quickly turn a simple interview into a PR disaster. Crisis Communication and Media Training is something everything spokesperson should invest in before they accept media invites for interviews. Here are 5 media training tips that every spokesperson should be made aware…

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What is Online Marketing
Instagram vs Pinterest

Stand Out by Showcasing your Personality and your Products … Both Instagram and Pinterest are highly visual, image-driven platforms. However, that is where the similarities end! Instagram Instagram allows users and brands to tell their stories visually through creating and sharing beautiful images of their experiences or products.  This allows the audience to get a sense of the character of a person or a brand. This platform is highly visual,…

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Social Media
It’s not just social media, it’s THE social media

Have you ever said to yourself – or to anyone, “Pfft! it’s just social media!” Well, I’m sorry to break it up to you, but that’s where you’re terribly wrong. In fact, a brands’ activity on social media says a lot about the brands’ personalities! Yes, personality; brands are alive, brands are human. So, have you been underestimating the tremendous power of social media? Still unconvinced? Then read on to know…

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