Month: January 2018

Need blog ideas for 2018? Try these tactics

  Blog your way this 2018…  Many businesses are dedicating substantial resources to their business blogs.content creation. This marketing tactic has rapidly gained popularity, especially in the digital marketing scene, as businesses and brands try to out-do each other as far as content distribution is concerned. Even as content is being dished out left right and center, pressure is mounting on bloggers in terms of churning out quality blogs with…

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10 Ugly Truths about Crisis Communication

  Crisis may happen all at once. As they say, when it rains, it pours.  It’s overwhelmingly uncomfortable or it is not a crisis at all. The initial few hours are excruciating. Brace yourself. Be prepared to suffer but also act fast. Ultimately, a crisis will put a great deal of pressure on your organization to respond quickly and accurately. The reaction is black or white. You are either the good guy or…

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Golden Rule in PR
Tools to build brands via social media platforms

The Struggle on Social Media… Building a successful brand is no cakewalk. Most of the time, a lot of hard work and resources have gone into building all the successful brands we have come to know and love. The journey to transform and build a strong brand online can be lengthy and frustrating. Therefore, brand building is not for the faint-hearted. Social media, as cool as it sounds, is a double-edged sword…

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The power of storytelling in the world of PR

  We are all aware of the ‘must-have’ skills for an individual to succeed in the world of PR that ranges from passion for writing to public speaking. However, there is another component that is just as imperative as all the others – the power of storytelling! Substantially, stories can make the content interesting since it can bring the brand’s messages to life. Merely stating the facts can get boring. In…

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Level up your PR game, it’s 2018!

    And here weare just past the end of yet another eventful year- and goodness me- 2017 has zoomed away or what?! As the trend goes at this time of the new year, lots and lots of resolutions are being made. The same goes for our PR resolutions! Indulge yourself in Janus-like introspective exercises to review mistakes and, of course, a long list of what to do in the…

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