Month: December 2017

Succession planning in the field of communications and other businesses

The Importance of Succession planning… “In the communications industry, we have a common saying — plan for the worst and hope for the best when creating strategic plans for clients. Ironically, the same applies internally as well.” I recently wrote an article for Ellevate Network about the importance of Succession Planning and its Vital role in All businesses. I was delighted that HuffPost also published the article. As I mentioned in the…

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Ways to accelerate your Twitter engagement in 2018

Twitter plays an important role in the social media strategy of many organizations today mainly because of the ease and convenience it offers. It can be used to communicate, listen and learn. It is the ideal place to stay informed about what people are talking about as well as learn a thing or two about what is being said. Not surprisingly, many businesses and brands have successfully used Twitter to effectively communicate and interact with…

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The reputation of PR in our world today

The Reputation of Public Relations Today The Truth About the Reputation of the PR Industry It is ironic that the PR profession, a profession responsible for brand reputation of others has somewhat a notorious reputation in the eyes of the public. Unfortunately, the unethical practices by well-known professionals and organizations have engendered many misconceptions. Sadly, this has cast a shadow over the industry as a whole. Recently, one of the most…

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