Month: October 2017

Daily Social Media Checklist

Daily Social Media Checklist     Social media managers probably have one of the best jobs simply because they get an opportunity to engage with others and share helpful content on a daily basis. However, as much fun as it is, it can also be a struggle and time consuming, especially if it is not carefully coordinated and executed. A social media manager’s to-do list will vary depending on whether they are full-time…

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Trello vs Wunderlist

Trello vs Wunderlist We all know that projects can be demanding not to mention time-consuming. Some can also be a nightmare especially if things don’t go as planned or go horribly wrong due to one small mistake or oversight. No one would like to go through such nerve-racking experiences. However, thanks to Project Management (PM) tools, project management can be a walk in the park. One key benefit of using PM…

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The Role of Social Media in choosing higher education

The Role of Social Media in choosing higher education   Social media has really changed the way we think, behave, evaluate options and take important decisions. When I was considering continuing my studies and taking a post graduate degree, social media played a vital role in my decision. The advent of new technologies and global internet penetration has necessitated the sudden change from the conventional communication methods between clients to…

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Public Relations – Still the best ROI for your marketing budget

PR – Still the best ROI for your marketing budget   We often find ourselves defending the great value that PR bestows upon brands to clients, mostly clients who are not very familiar with PR and are believers of spending on advertising and promotional activities. It is no surprise that the greatest value achieved from any form of communication is the one that gets brands the blessings of “word of mouth”.…

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