Month: September 2017

Five ways to boost your engagement on social media

Five ways to boost your social media engagement With over one billion social media users worldwide, “a number that’s expected to almost double this year”, being active on the social networks still remains an integral part of any marketing plan. Not surprisingly, many companies have now turned their social media platforms into customer service channels. This is even more common within companies with high volumes of contact with the customer.…

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OneNote vs EverNote

  We can all agree that productivity tools or apps have become a daily necessity for many of us. Note taking apps, EverNote and OneNote, are just some of the most popular productivity tools with loads and loads of interesting features. Social media managers and PR practitioners, for example, are just some of the beneficiaries of these tools since tasks such as meetings or brainstorm sessions and curating content from the web can now…

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Points to consider before hiring a PR Agency

  If you are looking to hiring a PR Agency, probably the first things you might think about are past clients, experience and how successful the agency is with its current clients. However, this information might not be very helpful because what works with others might not necessarily work for you. And with this particular type of business, relationships are very important and the chemistry has to be there to…

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Do PR Professionals And Journalists Need Each Other Now More Than Ever?

PR Professionals And Journalists need each other With publications closing down and the availability of journalists shrinking, PR Professionals And Journalists need each other now more than ever. While the two professions are popularly characterized as having a love-hate or ambivalent relationship, the truth is that we need each other. Without journalists, PR professionals would not be able to do their job of creating awareness of their client’s activities. On…

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