Month: August 2017

Key learnings from ‘Business Development Techniques’ workshop organized by PRCA MENA

Tips from Business Development Techniques Workshop Earlier this year I had a great opportunity to attend a workshop on ‘Business Development Techniques’ presented by PRCA MENA. The workshop was delivered by Victoria Tomlinson, CEO of Northern Lights PR & Marketing and a speaker on strategic social media for business. She has trained business leaders in social media, both individually and as management teams. Victoria was brilliant in the way she…

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Feedly vs Pocket

  Productivity apps Pocket vs Feedly have now become a must-have for most communicators and marketers.  This is mainly due to the nature of their work, which requires them to consume as much relevant content as possible. Marketers, Social Media executives, and their PR counterparts thrive on information and the Internet is overflowing with it. As a marketer or communicator, staying organized is paramount. Having a tool that allows you…

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3 Reasons why SEO is important for small businesses

Visibility Credibility Your Content Marketing depends on it Here are some interesting facts about online search This paints a clear picture of why it is so important for a website to rank high in an online search.  Unfortunately, getting your website to rank in the coveted top 3 positions of an online search does not happen by accident.  The companies that manage to end up in those spots have put…

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