Month: June 2017

Introverts make good Public Relations Professionals

  An introvert in public relations sounds absurd. We expect public relations professionals to be expressive and outgoing. In other words, an extrovert or typically known as a “people’s person”. But isn’t PR all about effective communication? Does it really matter then if you are an introvert or extrovert? Why are introverts considered to be poor communicators? On the contrary, I believe they are the smart communicators. Here are some…

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Slack vs HipChat Infographic

In order for organizations or teams to effectively work together, they need to communicate efficiently. This includes communicating digitally, often with team members that might be located outside of the office. This requires not just any communication tool but a reliable one that is also able to deliver to your expectations. Hence finding and selecting a reliable communication solution for your team is of paramount importance, especially in this day…

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3 Trends PR Professionals Should Embrace

Trends PR Professionals Should Embrace to Improve PR Efforts “Business is constantly changing, constantly evolving” – James Dyson As communication continues to evolve, so should our practice of public relations. Below are 3 media trends every PR professional must consider in order to improve their PR efforts. Online Influencers Anyone who has followed a popular celebrity or influencer on a social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat…

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When to hire a PR Agency

When to hire a Public Relations Agency Everyone needs Public Relation services and all business owners would love to be in the limelight of the media landscape. Whilst this might sound cynical, yet it is partially true. I think we can all agree that, if executed and crafted well, PR can do wonders for a business. Logically thinking, every business objective, if articulated and defined soundly, can be achieved by…

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