Month: March 2017

4 Useful Content Curation Tools for Content Marketing

4 Useful Content Curation Tools Many startups and small businesses are now beginning to appreciate the power of content marketing. A good number of these businesses have realized that traditional marketing activities are not bringing in the desired result despite the huge budgets allocated to them. It is clear that brands and businesses are now shifting their marketing focus and pumping millions of dollars towards digital marketing activities most of…

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Is Social Media a number game?

Boosting social media presence, inviting more likes, engaging audiences in social media-driven strategies and weighing popularity in terms of number of followers; we all are guilty of being bitten by the social media bug and do not rest at that. There is a constant quest for increasing visibility, gaining popularity and chasing the number game to woo online audiences. But let’s give all of this a break to think about…

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4 ways that social media can benefit your business

Are you still wondering whether it is worth the expense and effort it to invest in social media?  Here are 4 ways that social media can benefit your business: 1. Increased reach When a business has a presence on social media they instantly make it easier for customers to discover and make contact with them. The mere act of connecting with customers on social means that organisations are more likely…

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Matrix PR’s first Red Carpet moment at the PRCA awards 2017!

Napolean Bonaparte once said – “Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in.” The inaugural PRCA Awards 2017 saw Matrix PR, one of the oldest agencies in the region, do just that. Matrix PR’s first Red Carpet moment On a cold winter night, a room full of regional PR professionals set the mercury rising with pounding chests and gasping breath. While…

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YouTube vs Vimeo

Business and the Social Media… There is no doubt that content creation and sharing are now driving many businesses online. As social media continues to engulf businesses, marketers are having a field day as this phenomenon also continues to provide them with endless opportunities to reach out and engage with their respective target audience. The race to consolidate those ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’ is getting tighter by the minute. Active consumers…

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