Month: February 2017

Content Marketing Predictions: Are you prepared?

Content Marketing Predictions: Are you prepared? Year after year, businesses and brands face a myriad of challenges and 2017 as we all should expect, will present its own set of unique challenges. Question is, are we prepared to take on these challenges? While some public relations professionals and marketers might be somewhat ready to face them, others are still reeling from the shocks of last year. These challenges are mainly…

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5 Tips for creating your own Memes

5 Tips for creating your own Memes Much has been said about memes but one thing remains constant – memes are a great marketing concept. From grammatically incorrect cats, fist-pumping babies to a poorly-sketched angry stick figure, memes continue to advance the positive agenda of many businesses through social media.  This is also referred to as “Viral marketing”. Using humor, memes can make your audience have a good laugh while…

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Why Public Relations is Important for a Startup

Public Relations, though a very relevant aspect of today’s business strategy, seems to be widely misunderstood by the masses. Building Image, Awareness and Understanding Many companies invest money in other activities only because they don’t really understand the importance of public relations. PR and media relations can have a significant impact on building image, awareness and understanding of a company or a brand. Moreover, it is even more important for…

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Five Reasons Why Online Reputation Management is Important

5 Reasons Why ORM is Important No doubt you have read or heard about how negative reviews and comments have grossly affected some companies, especially those who didn’t have an Online Reputation Management (ORM) plan in place. Without an ORM plan, by the time the company gets its act together, the damage has already been done and the long and costly journey of reputation restoration begins. It is, therefore, imperative…

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