Month: January 2017

How to get the most out of a Social Media Strategy

According to Mainstreethost, social networks are the second most popular way to research brands.  Thus, it is important for a brand to use these platforms to develop a relationship with their target audience. Below are a few tips for effective social media management: Social Media Strategy Plan Creating a social media strategy for the brand is essential to successful social media management. The strategy should consist of smaller plans for…

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Media Relations vs Public Relations

What is the difference between Media Relations vs Public Relations? Since I started working in PR, every time I meet someone and they ask me what do you work and I say I work in PR. This answer is never good enough because they usually ask me what exactly is PR. And, what exactly do you do. I have found that most people are not really aware of the nature…

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Use Content Curation to Boost Content Marketing

Boost Content Marketing- Content curation is slowly taking center stage as more small businesses with limited resources for digital marketing and social media take advantage of content providers who continue to develop good content, most of which still remain undiscovered. This valuable tactic has come to the rescue of many marketers. In fact, it is now widely use as a tool to build an online community for businesses and brands. However,…

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17 FOR 2017: TOP TIPS

2017 will be the year of consolidation in terms of communications, customer-centricity and capital expenditures. My topline predictions for the regional communications industry for 2017 are as under: 17 FOR 2017: Doing less but doing it well Consultancies will be faced with the rather rare situation of having to concentrate their efforts on conceptualizing fewer communications.Thus, they need to execute campaigns albeit with much larger impact and outcomes. This trend…

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