Month: November 2016

What Marketers Should Know About Memes

What Marketers Should Know About Memes We have all heard the saying that laughter is the best medicine. This holds true for business.  Good humor can work wonders for your business or brand, at least on the social media front. Enter MEMES   Creating a new and exciting way of using humour to express ideas and communicating with each other on social platforms, the meme phenomenon took the social media world by…

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Facebook Live vs Periscope

Facebook Live vs Periscope A Growing Trend Over the last few years, video consumption on social media has skyrocketed and is currently one of the most preferred and effective means of content marketing. Exclusive visual social networks and those that combine video and other forms such as text and photos are increasingly mainstreaming video sharing by enabling their user to perform live broadcasts straight from their mobile devices. Available stats…

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Can Public Relations Be Measured?

Question: Can Public Relations Be Measured? Can Public Relations Be Measured? The PR industry in the Middle East Region has grown and evolved by leaps and bounds. Although each region or continent has its own communication barriers and challenges, the one common challenge has been finding a comprehensive tool or methodology to measure the success or impact of PR. The Importance of PR Measurement Although basic PR measurement strategies were…

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Tips for Better Media Relations

Media Relations – tips to always follow Media Relations will always be a crucial part of public relations and communications. The goal is to communicate a client’s message, story or information using the right media outlets such as newspapers, magazines, television, radio and other digital platforms. Below are a handful of Tips for Better Media Relations outreach that should always follow. Gain Credibility Credibility is something that is earned over…

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