Month: August 2016

Digital Marketing, a competitive advantage

Why Digital Marketing can create a competitive advantage With billions of internet users and the number growing exponentially by the day; online marketing is a big business. Whilst traditional marketing moves tend to invite a bit caution, in digital space, such caution could have potentially terminal results. Digital Marketing demands confidence as it has the ability to drive a competitive advantage. How to Overcome Data Overload There is an enormous amount of…

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Why Media Training is Important For Your Brand’s Spokespersons

Why do spokespersons need to be prepared before meeting the Media? The images of oil-drenched shores along with birds and sea-life saturated in oil were shown on various TV channels and publications along with this quote from the CEO of BP: “I think the environmental impact of this disaster is likely to be very, very modest.” ~ Tony Hayward Perhaps there is no need to summarize why this turned out…

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