Month: July 2016

Media Relations – PR’s X-Factor

Media Relations – Public Relations’s X-Factor PR professionals have adequate knacks of storytelling to weave interesting tales around building a brand’s image and sustaining its positive identity. However, that is not enough if a PR talent cannot move your brand stories through the clutter to reach out to the right influencers. To top it, today’s media is also about celebrities, influencers, bloggers and of course consumers, who play a big…

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Why CSR is important for Brands today

Why CSR is important for Brands today It’s possible that you are reading this blog because you have been wondering why your company needs to undertake corporate social responsibility based activities or how you could make the best use of such initiatives. In the era of social media, it is important for companies to show their social side too. Consumers would like to see that entities are using part of the…

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