Month: May 2016

Ten Online Reputation Management Tactics for your Business or Brand

Ten Online Reputation Management Tactics Your Online Reputation Matters! Research shows that consumers are increasingly using online searches/research before they make purchasing decisions.  In fact, the vast majority of consumers seek out information and reviews about companies and products before making a buying decision. Online Reviews are the new Word-of-Mouth According to recent research by Bright Local,   9.2 out of 10 consumers read online reviews   8 out of…

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Does Social Media Marketing Really Work?

Does Social Media Marketing Really Work? While most businesses have embraced social media as part of their marketing strategy, many start-up or small businesses are still unsure about the role that social media should play in their marketing mix.  Worse yet, many who have tried their hand at social media have not seen any results for their efforts and have simply decided to abandon their social media efforts. Let’s take…

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Top Free Online Tools For Creating Memes

Top Free Online Tools for Creating Memes If you are not already aware of the huge impact memes can have on your social media campaign – either as an individual user, a business, or a brand, you will be aware now. Memes are now being widely used to complement normal social media posts, which are mainly characterized by photos and plain text. Marketers can exploit memes to advance their viral…

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