Month: March 2016

PR strategy PR Planning
Infuse ‘Research’ for PR Planning & Evaluation

‘Research’ for PR Planning and Evaluation Just as PR practices without measurement and evaluation are futile; in an ideal situation, PR practitioners should conduct research before launching a PR campaign. A public relations research methodology has the potential to build the foundation for not just better public relations, but better brands as well. Whether it’s qualitative or quantitative, thorough research will provide a strong foothold to almost everything that PR…

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Manage Client Expectations
How to Manage Client Expectations in a PR Agency

Dealing With Unrealistic Client Expectations Have you ever worked with a client who wants everything done right here right now? I believe all of us have worked or continue to work with such clients at one point. So what do we do to Manage Client Expectations? We all want to give what the client wants, but sometimes it’s just not possible, whether in a given timeframe or at all. We…

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Online Reputation Management
What is Online Reputation Management?

What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)? Here’s a thought: Don’t believe everything you read online. I bet you have heard that a thousand times.  While we all know the truth of that statement, it remains a fact that unsubstantiated accusations can take its toll on an unsuspecting business or individual. Enter Online Reputation Management Online Reputation Management, ORM for short, involves protecting one’s reputation through countering negative comments and posts…

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Why Your Small Company Should Hire A PR Agency

Why Hire a Public Relations Agency?   In a previous blog, I listed 10 reasons why a company should hire a PR Agency in Dubai.  While that blog lists valid points and arguments, there is one overarching core reason that should compel small business owners and entrepreneurs to partner with a Public Relations Agency to handle their PR efforts.   Here it is:  Unless you are a PR Professional by…

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5 Tips to a good PR practitioner!

Basic guidelines to a good PR practitioner! It’s a challenging world out there! With demanding clients and time-bound media schedules, the life of a PR practitioner certainly isn’t a cakewalk. But lest we forget these basic know-hows, let’s re-iterate some basic guidelines.   5 tips to a good PR practitioner: Do not email first thing in the morning or last thing in the night: We sure have a planned day until…

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