Month: January 2016

Important steps for successful crisis communications

Step to follow during a PR Crisis Who needs crisis management? The question should not be “if an organization will face a crisis”, but when.  The odds make it inevitable that most organizations are going to face a crisis at some point.  The impact or degree of the crisis comes down to how well the organization handles the crisis when it hits. Just think of the many different places a…

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What is Content Strategy
What is Content Strategy?

An Introduction to Content Strategy Why is Content Strategy Important? Content Marketing strategy is important because it leads to creating valuable, quality content with a purpose. Yet many businesses still do not have a documented content strategy. To understand the scope of this, we can look at recent Content Marketing (a subset of Content Strategy) statistics.  In its 2016 B2B content marketing industry report, the Content Marketing Institute found that…

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Should you hire a Boutique Public Relations Agency or a Multinational?

Boutique Public Relations Agency or Multinational?   Does size matter when selecting a Public Relations Agency? This is an important question to consider when you start your journey in locating the perfect match for your PR requirements. There are key areas to reflect upon and to evaluate when deciding on the parameters of your search for a PR partner and spending time to finalize whether a boutique agency or a multinational…

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Setting Public Relations Goals for 2016

Matrix Public Relations Goals for 2016 Amazing, here we are already at the end of the first week of 2016. The festive season and the New Year’s celebrations are now well behind us. For many of us, if we have not done so yet, this is a time to reflect on what we have accomplished last year and setting down our plans and objectives for 2016. Some questions we ask…

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Lessons for better Public Relations in 2016 – PR’s voice for PR’s sake

What did we learn in 2015 to prepare us for better Public Relations in 2016? It is that time of year again when we welcome in a New Year. Most of us have likely spent some of the last few days reflecting on and reviewing an action-packed year gone by. This usually leads to thoughts of the future and mixed emotions to embrace challenges that the New Year will put…

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Best Google Doodles of 2015

Which are the Best Google Doodles of 2015? Are you looking for some inspiration at the beginning of the New Year? Why not let Google be your muse? Enter the Google Doodle! Google Doodles are so well crafted that they can easily sweep you away from your reason for opening your Google Search page in the first place. It is amazing and inspiring how these fun doodles celebrate the lives…

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