Month: December 2015

Communication Mistakes to Avoid
7 Communication Mistakes to Avoid in a Crisis

7 Mistakes to Avoid in a PR Crisis What is Crisis Communication? Effective communications during a crisis one of the most critical duties of a Public Relations specialist. It is where the client is in urgent need of our expertise, as opposed to planned media relations and public relations activities. What makes Crisis Communications critical is that a single mistake can quickly and irreversibly exacerbate the crisis instead of solving…

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Why Is It Important to Have a Content Strategy?

An Introduction to Content Strategy Is Content still King? I am sure we have all heard the overused mantra “Content is King” a million times. A lot has changed since that phrase was made famous by Bill Gates during the early days of the World Wide Web. In fact, the very thing that made content King, the internet, has been the driving force behind the content evolution we are experiencing. …

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