Month: November 2015

Martyrs’ Day UAE
Martyrs’ Day UAE 2015

Martyrs’ Day UAE 2015 In honour of those who served and sacrificed. This year sees the first annual commemoration in the UAE of those who sacrificed their lives for their country. Background to Martyrs’ Day UAE The annual holiday to remember and honour fallen soldiers and their families was first announced in the UAE in August 2015. According to an official news report in Gulf News on 19 August 2015: Abu Dhabi: Martyrs’…

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Why it is important to have a Mission Statement

Why companies need a Mission Statement Every company exists for a particular reason or cause. Just like personal goals, each corporate entity is expected to work towards certain prescribed ambitions – whether short, medium or long term. Mission and Vision statements act as guidelines. While a Vision statement outlines what your company wants to be in the future, a Mission statement defines the purpose of an organization – simply put, its…

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Public Speaking Step by Step Tips – 3 Be’s to be Awesome

How to be a great Public Speaker #1 Fear in the world is not Death What could be more terrifying than the fear of dying? According to research, most people have a bigger fear – GLOSSOPHOBIA. More commonly known as the fear of PUBLIC SPEAKING That is probably what prompted the quip, “I guess we’d rather be in the casket than delivering the eulogy.” We all have to do it…

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Throwback Thursday – Why your Brand should use the #TBT hashtag

Have you noticed an upsurge of retro pics on just about every social media platform lately?A simple hashtag is always likely to trend with the retro pics and posts and that, of course, is #TBT also knows as Throwback Thursday. Ever wondered when it all began? Well, according to Know Your Meme, Throwback Thursday first began to grip social media audiences in 2006. It all started when a sneaker fan blog…

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