Month: October 2015

Crisis communications for a retail brand
Happy Internet Day – Every 29th of October

Happy Internet Day! I am sure that most of us cannot imagine a world without the Internet! Everything seems to be connected these days, from mobile phones, tablets, computers, and cameras to security and TV. It is hard to phantom that this “invention” that permeates our daily lives has only been available for everyday use for little over 20 years. Incredible! Internet Day marks the day the very first internet…

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Be your own Public Relations Agency

Guide: How to be your own Public Relations Agency One of the most eagerly debated topics amongst executives at PR agencies is finding the time and means to actually promote their own Public Relations Agency. The reality is that our days are so consumed with crafting PR plans, establishing and maintaining relationships with both clients and the press, securing coverage and promoting our client’s business.  The result? We neglect to…

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PR Management – The Importance of Reinvention

We live in a time when change is the only constant. This statement has been done to death, in hundreds of thousands of classrooms, boardrooms and ballrooms. However this is truer today than ever before. The irony is that this has also been said before and will be said again in the future as each day goes by. First came industrialization followed by globalization, with the latest entrant being digitization.…

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