Month: September 2015

What is Online Marketing: Ideas for Local Businesses

Ideas for Local Businesses We love local businesses and there is a strong case to be made to promote them. Until we get others to hop onto this bandwagon here are a few tips for local businesses to market themselves. What is online marketing? These days, it has become a hosteller. We recommend a mix of traditional and online ideas to reach your local audience.   WORKSHOPS Invite your target…

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عيد مبارك!

عيد مبارك! شركة ماتريكس للعلاقات العامة تتمنى لكم ولأفراد عائلتكم عيداً سعيداً ومباركاً  

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Branding Strategy Examples – Campaigns With Purpose

Embracing the convergence between a business branding strategy and societal objectives continues to gain significance in corporate culture and steers purpose-driven campaigns to make a real social impact. In recent times, understanding social and environmental issues have become essential if a brand is attempting to crystallize its ‘good purpose’ barometer. It is commendable that today, leading brands and corporations are making changes in the way they operate to accommodate working excellence…

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Social Media Marketing: Put Your Brand on Instagram

Social Media Marketing: Put Your Brand on Instagram One social media marketing platform that has been gaining popularity in reaching consumers is Instagram. Instagram is creating a space for itself as one of the most used social media platforms today. But what is so different about this trending social media platform? And how can brands use it to benefit their business? Instagram is an online photo-sharing App that enables users to take…

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