Month: June 2015

Twitter Advertising: Boost Your PR Now!

Usage of Twitter Advertising to boost public image and the hype about power of posting is no fantasy. With Chat Groups, building contact lists, tools to build business associates, accelerating the growth in number of followers and trends; the question that now arises is, whether we have optimized Twitter’s true potential. Announcements, Research and Networking; we, as PR Pros are on Twitter for mainly these three reasons. But whilst other social…

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Pitching to the Media – How to do it right?

When pitching to the media, knowing who to pitch to is just as vital as knowing what to pitch. With PR and marketing software such as Cision Point, a plethora of media contacts are accessible to us within a few seconds. But what’s in a name unless you know how to use it? Here are a few tips to ensure your message is reaching the right ears. The ever growing…

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Social Media Sites – An extension of your job title?

“You are what you share.” – C.W.Leadbeater It is no secret that most companies have invested in making their brand appear social through various social media platforms. They are an integral part of their marketing and PR strategy. There is the advertising and PR side of the business and then there is social media. Brands not only share the ‘what’s new and trending’ but also present the human side of…

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