Month: April 2015

Hash Tagging: #CareForHashtags! For Optimum Effect

From being just a ‘not-so-often’ used symbol on your hand-phone to being a prominent part of social platforms and tech-culture today; it is rare to find anyone who doesn’t know what hash tagging or simply hashtags are. Without a doubt Hashtags work seamlessly on Twitter because its function was devised for that platform but we do notice widespread usage of it on Facebook, blogs and more. Sacrilege? No! It simply highlights and…

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Digital Communication Strategy: Vision For the Future

This blog is based on excerpts of one of the sessions held during the International Government Communication Forum 2015 and how they discussed a digital communication strategy. The session is titled “The Future of Digital Government Communication”. It was moderated by Rima Maktabi, TV Journalist and Reporter at Al Arabiya News. The speakers: Jared Cohen, Founder and Director Google Ideas Ben Hammersley, Journalist and Researcher on social networking tools Hugh…

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