Month: February 2015

سحر الكلمة – The Power of Words – Arabic Version

عمل أحد الأشخاص كمندوب مبيعات لدى شركة تأمين، وهي وظيفة يعتمد دخلها على حجم المبيعات الذي يحققه الموظف. لم يتمكن هذا الموظف من إحراز النجاح أو حتى من الوصول إلى الحد الأدنى من هدف المبيعات المطلوب منه مما جعله موقفه الوظيفي حرجاً. لدى الإطلاع على طريقة عرضه لوثائق التأمين، تبين بأنه يحاول إقناع العميل بأن التأمين يضمن لأسرته حياة جيدة بعد وفاته. ويرجع سبب إعراض العميل إلى نفوره من فكرة…

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Effective communication: The Power of Words

Effective communication: The Power of Words A salesperson joined a new insurance company where his income was on commission basis. During the first few months he was not able to achieve any success in his mission, not even to reach the minimum requested sales target, which meant that he could lose his job. This might have been because he didn’t utilize the power of words to build an effective communication…

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PR Strategy: How to break into that elusive publication

PR Strategy:  How to break into that elusive publication All PR professionals know this. We can get coverage for our clients in just about any magazine and newspaper, no problem. But when it comes to getting into that one publication that seems to feature all other agency materials but yours, it’s like talking to a brick wall. Why does this happen, and what can we do to finally get our…

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