Month: June 2014

Dealing With Difficult People: Customer Complaints

Dealing With Difficult People: Customer Complaints Let’s face it; every business has their share of difficult clients. It is not surprising then that there are times when we have to deal with a difficult client. Dealing with difficult people is essential to our success. When dealing with difficult people, your client in specific, it might seem that keeping peace and our sanity is a tough, if not impossible, task. So how…

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TEAM BUILDING: Mafia, Villagers and Cops

You heard that right! Since 1998 Matrix has been about creativity, communication, excellence, integrity, quality and commitment. It is no rocket science that the breathing testimony of these values is the Matrix team. It is however not a destination or a peak that we conquer but simply a way of living. To ensure the consistency it has always been important to ensure we set some time aside every week with…

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