Why Your Small Company Should Hire A PR Agency

Why Your Small Company Should Hire A PR Agency

Why Hire a Public Relations Agency?


In a previous blog, I listed 10 reasons why a company should hire a PR Agency.  While that blog lists valid points and arguments, there is one overarching core reason that should compel small business owners and entrepreneurs to partner with a Public Relations Agency to handle their PR efforts.


Here it is:  Unless you are a PR Professional by trade, you simply cannot do PR like the Pros do.


Before you get into the comments below to shoot me down, please hear my arguments for making this statement.


Steve Jobs famously said, “You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you.”


The Secret to Success

What is the secret ingredient that makes great PR Professionals so good at their jobs?  They love what they do.  I will let you in on a secret:  PR professionals are not in it because it is a cushy 9 to 5 job!  In fact, Forbes lists being a PR Executive as one of the top 10 most stressful jobs in 2016. Many PR Professionals are in the business of Public Relations because they love it.  They have a passion for it and they are good at it.


What are you passionate about?  Is it your small business or your new startup that you are trying to get on its feet or is it becoming great at public relations?  Shouldn’t you do what you are passionate about and leave Public Relations to those who excel at it?


As a small business owner, you likely have myriad tasks to take care of on a daily basis.  Do you really have the time to invest to become a PR Pro as well?  Do you have the time to compete with the PR Pros that your competitors have partnered with?  I would argue that you will be better off investing your time in doing what you do best and leaving Public Relations to professionals who have made a career of it.


This is not to say that having a PR Agency on board will relieve you of all involvement in the PR efforts for your organization.  On the contrary, it is crucial to the success of any PR plan for client and agency to partner in their PR efforts.  The difference is that when you invest time and resources to work with a PR professional you are likely to see better results than if tried to go it alone.



What Skills Do PR Professionals Bring to the Table?


When you hire a PR Agency, you are hiring talented and experienced professionals who have spent years honing their skills and knowledge. They follow the latest trends and developments in Public Relations.  This covers a wide range of traditional, social, and digital communications.


PR Pros use a variety of strategies, technologies and methods for getting their clients in front of their target audiences.  Learning to effectively use these strategies takes time and commitment.


It takes time and skill to create a PR Strategy and Plan and then to implement, monitor and measure the success of the plan. Public Relations is not a switch that you can turn on or off as your wish. As like as other marketing functions; strategic, measurable and consistent PR efforts is critical to success.


In addition, it takes time, effort and great networking skills to build great media relations.  A PR Professional has the experience, talent and established network to know when, how and who to pitch your story to.


Listen to the experience of startups:


If you are still in doubt, take a look at 7 testimonials of the experiences of real startups that did just that, they hired a Top Notch Agency, and the results speak for themselves.


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